Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get a good night Sleep

Do you ever feel like you just wish you could sleep an extra hour?
Do you ever drag the moment you have to step out of bed?
Do you ever wish you could cancel all your plans of the day?

The past month my answer to each one of those questions was YES!
The first week I let it go by because I had just flown back in from Europe, so I thought it could be the jet lag and getting readjusted to my schedule.
The second week, I thought perhaps I'd get my period so my body was just reacting to that and being lazy.
The third week I started wondering what the hell was wrong with me!!! I had never been this lazy for this long. I am a very active person. I love waking up early, as a matter of fact, when I feel good, I wake up at 7 am even when I don't have to. Something was wrong. 
The first thing I looked into was my diet. I made sure I was getting enough protein, fats and complex carbs. I did my best in regulating my sugar intake, I did notice I was eating too much dates and honey…but that wasn't the issue…
Then I recalled that exactly a month ago my husband and I moved rooms, our bed was now facing North. 

My Ayurvedic teacher in Italy had always told me to be real careful with where I place my head when I sleep. To always position my head either facing South or East, never North or West.
I had been sleeping with my head facing North for over a month now and this is what I was feeling:
-heavy/engaging/tiring dreams
-puffy eyes
-lacking stamina
-lacking will power

I did not feel like me, and it took all of my best efforts to get past that each morning and step outside. 
Then I remembered what my teacher had said so I took action.

The direction your head faces while sleeping has a strong effect on your physical and mental well-being. Just like our planet has a magnetic pole, we too have a similar magnetic stretch with the positive pole at the head and the negative one at the feet.
We all know that like poles repel each other and opposite poles attract each other. When we lay with our heads facing the north side, the two positive sides repel each other and there is a struggle between the two. Since the earth has a stronger 'pull', we get drained, and rise in the morning with headache or heaviness.

Its now been a week since I sleep with my head facing south east again, and I feel like me again!
What can you do to make your sleep a sacred moment that rejuvenates you and replenishes you?

ps...If you don't believe this here are some facts from a site I was looking at: 

-When we lay our heads in the southern direction, there is mutual attraction and we wake up fit, fresh and free, unless afflicted by some illness.

-North brings disease and west dulls the brain. 
-Head to East Benefits: Auspicious. Always make sure you put your head in the East direction as much as possible. -Head to South Benefits: Auspicious. The best position for sleeping is with the top of your head pointing to the south and feet pointing north. 
-Head to North or West Results: Dangerous. Never sleep with the top of your head pointing to the north and feet pointing to the south. Brings terrible dreams and disturbed sleep. You will feel miserable. Irritability, frustration and emotional instability will develop. It sucks your positive vibrations while you sleep. You will lose 50% of your willpower and your soul power will not increase while you sleep. Your physical and mental health will suffer.

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  1. I am trying this now by keeping head in south 🙏🏻