Monday, October 15, 2012

Start your day with lemon water!

How we start our day is incredibly important! It's therefore pretty important we make the right choices, and prepare the ground for a good day. 

Over the past few month I've had this habit of waking up and reaching for my iphone to check my mail...see if any comments were left on blog or Facebook. I decided to do a cleanse to shed and replace these habits, that don't serve me on the journey to self discovery, but rather incorporate habits that support and help me stay balanced and in touch both emotionally&physically.

A daily morning ritual is a great way to start the day with a habit that will support your physical being and give it maximum vibrancy. So here are my secret daily ritual ingredients for a healthy start:  

1)Journal about how I feel & set 3 goals for the day.
2)Drink a glass of warm LEMON water

If you can only make time for 1 morning ritual go with the LEMON water, here is why…

1)Boosts your immune system:
lemon contains vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds; and Potassium which sustains nerve&brain function.

2)Balances pH:
lemon creates an alkaline environment in body, key to good health…fights off imbalances in the body such as:yeast, infections, toxins, bacteria...

3)Helps with weight loss:
lemon helps fight hunger. The more alkaline your body is the easier it is to loose weight. It also sets your taste buds away from sugar cravings, so you make better choices for yourself the rest of the day.

4)Aids digestion:
warm water stimulates the bowel movement. Lemon help loosen the toxins attached to the digestive tract, therefore making it easy to flush them out!

5)Acts as a natural diuretic:
lemon juice helps detox the body of unwanted waste, by increasing your trips to the bathroom to pee ;) Keeps the urinary tract healthy!

6)Clears skin:
vitamin C helps decreases wrinkles! Lemon Juice keeps skin clean by ridding the toxins from the blood.

when your body is dehydrated it experiences fatigue, when you start your day with lemon juice you set yourself one step ahead!

So…are you in for a good start?

Drinking a cup of warm lemon juice in the morning is a good morning habit to get used to!
It will radically change the way you go about your day!

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