Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Night ritual…so worth it!!!

Hot Towel Scrub:
When you get home from a busy day of running around NYC there is nothing better then this night practice of scrubbing your body down with a hot towel! I have made this my night ritual. Wholefoods sells a great anti bacterial bamboo fiber towel for this practice...its soft, smooth and good to go for 3 months!!!
Here is what I suggest:
1)As soon as you step into the door turn on the hot water in the bathroom and close the door, so you don't start doing something else, and it will be nice and steamy when you step in
2)Light a candle
3) Wet the towel and without standing under the water,scrub your body in this order:
from hands to shoulders moving upwards
from shoulders down to your feet moving downwards 
do this for anywhere between 5-20min
4) Apply your awareness to the sensation 
5)Turn on cool/cold water and quickly stand under it

if you don't have much time, or you are missing one of the items listed, DON'T WORRY! Just use what you have, both in time and material! You will really appreciate it, here is why:

*deeply relaxes your muscle&your mind
*helps the release of toxins from your skin
*prevents excess fat, toxins, mucus and cellulite to accumulate below the skin
*promotes circulation
*good for lymphatic system
*Nourishing, cultivates self love!
*Helps release tension or stuck energy in places within the body

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