Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A CLEANSE is an invitation to CHANGE

This week the theme is Love Cleanse.
5 days of yummy juices,soups and raw salads from Organic Avenue.
To cleanse the body is 'to remove toxic environmental and dietary substances with the application of a healthier lifestyle'. It has been proven that we ingest chemicals through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. The main reason to go on a cleanse is to free our bodies of these chemicals. When we are unable to naturally eliminate these toxins, our immune systems are compromised, and we therefore get sick! Sickness can be any form of imbalance, from physical to's the feeling of being stuck, needing to shed something.
Cleansing diets work to strengthen the immune system by using food as fuel, and nourisher for our internal organs....of al,l a juice fast is a great way to nurture your body, rebuild your immune system and restore yourself to a healthy way of living. When you juice little energy is used by your digestive system, therefore allowing all of your energy to be focused on rebuilding, renewing and healing. You might be surprised by how much energy you have after the first few days!

Sometimes its a habit in our life we want to let go of, flush out...
Here are some good reasons to want to embrace a cleanse:

1. Physically- detox helps mental purification:
Cleansing our minds of negative thought patterns is essential to be healthy.. 

2. Emotionally- cleansing helps us uncover and express 'bad' feelings that are hidden, frustrations, anger, fear, resentment...and replace them with 'good' feelings forgiveness, love, joy, and hope!! 

3. Spiritually- one can experience new clarity, and/or a sense of direction in one's purpose in life!!

Elimination helps us deal with the present moment and clears problems from our past.
We feel lighter and more able to experience the moment and be open for the future!!
A cleanse is an invitation to change. When we seek change we evolve. When we evolve we heal.

**Write a list of intentions of what you would like to release from your life.
Empower yourself to shift unwanted ideas, people, circumstances and patterns, and move into a lighter more vibrant way of being!!!**

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