Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Boxes

My mom gave me a pair of very special earrings for my wedding. When she gave them to me she told me they were my great grandma's earrings, a very special object that she thought i should have.
The earrings are precious, so i started wearing them, and i really just wanted to wear them always because they are so beautiful. I started wearing them with everything, I just wanted them to stay on: I slept with them, showered with them, did yoga with them...wear them with everything. a couple of days later my mom noticed and once again reminded me that i should really only wear them on special occasions, not with everything everyday.

So i put my earrings away…

Last night i had a dream about my earrings and having to put them away. You see I have a big tin box with all my earrings in it, and then i have a collection of little boxes, with nothing in them.
In my dream i remember having all the little boxes in front of me...i was looking at the boxes, with my earrings in my hand, but i couldn't figure out where i should put them. 
I was scared of putting them in one o the little boxes because I thought 'what if I forget which box they are in then they'll get lost, but if i put them in the box with all the other earrings I might forget about them and never wear them'. Also I though because they are special earrings they should have a special box.
Then I woke up, earrings still in my hand, and I wondered how this dream should have ended, and what it could mean.

So i was thinking back on this dream today, to give it some meaning  and i thought about it in terms of yoga and my practice. Lets say the earrings is our purusha, our inner self, which shines and is unique and precious, and lets say the boxes are the different situations  in life, or relationships. We have all these options in life, in yoga we have all the asana , which we use as a tool to go a little deeper and free our inner light, to bring it out…so we can experience the outer world though that sense of sense.
But then we have all these boxes, these situations or relationship we can put the self in, and we might be scared but the self really is unchangeable, its infite …its integrity cant be lost. The self can be in all these different places, situations relationships and still feel its integrity still have its light. we use the practice to strengthen that sense of self so we can share it and we can store it or place it in any situation and shine forth. 
so there is no need to be scared to forget about it, or to loose it, because it is always there no matter where or with whom we might be…our inner self is what we are.

Ps...If you are wondering where I put my earrings….they are now in a little box, which I put next to my side table…so they are still in sight and I am peaceful.

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