Sunday, July 15, 2012

body mind

The yamas is one of the 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga system, they are 4 moral principles closely related to one another
Ahimsa-non violence
Asteya-non stealing
Aparigraha-non possessiveness
They are quite Difficult to access in our daily life, especially if our bodies are weak body. A weak body usually resembles in a weak mind, and  a weak mind probably has weak principles.

All the subtle changes we experience in Asana practice happen in the Nadis- channels through which energy runs, which connect outer inner body

We therefore use Asana practice and pranayama exercises to clear the dirt, or accumulate, unused energy from the nadis. Asana creates space, allowing the Breath to move freely and remove the 'dirt'.
Sitting upright and practicing everyday is the best way to practice your relationship to the Yamas

More space to cultivate mindfulness means we can be a little gentler, see and share the truth, Choose not to be attached or jealous.

My guru Pattabhi Jois says "inhaling and exhaling, until finally, after a long time, your whole body is strong and your nervous system is perfectly cured. When the nervous system is perfect, the body is strong. A weak mind means a weak body. That’s why you build a good foundation with asana and pranayama, so your body and mind and nervous system are all working.
Practicing a long time with respect and without interruption brings perfection. One year, two years, ten years… your entire life long, you practice."

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