Monday, May 14, 2012

One step at a time

So here I am sitting at my desk trying to compose a sequence…to make a choice
My mind automatically runs off to create something fun, something different, but then i stop and I realize that the challenge is how to work smaller to build bigger. What baby steps can i take to help me make the right choices?
The word Sutra means a thread or line that holds things together. In a Vinyasa class we place things in a special order, we construct steps. The Primary series of Ashtanga is an example of a sequence, which serves as a template: 

Step one:
warm-up (Surya Namaskara), 
Step Two:
standing poses
Step Three:
seated poses
Step Four:
arm balances
Step Five:
finishing: backbends, inversions, breathing 
"Savasana take rest rest" 

When I plan a sequence I sit down and break my work down into steps (this can be applied for life situations):

Step One: Choose
Choose one pose or situation as a starting point to build on.
Step Two: Identify
What comes first?
Break down the asana or situation
Identify the basic components
Step Three: Recognize
Where else do I find these elements (other poses-other situations)?
How are different asanas-situations related to one another?
Can I use one to help me with the other?
Step Four: Linking
How can you string the pieces together?
Vinyasa is to put together, to link, asana or situations. Vinyasa Krama is having a good process; when you have a good process, you have a good result. 
Step Five: Necklace
A mala, is a necklace made of beads strung together, each individual bead creates the whole when linked to other beads; the union of all the beads makes the necklace; the same applies to the process of choosing in life. Each little choice we make, we add a bead to the necklace of our life journey.

This is not only in sequence making…when you are making a necklace you might have a huge variety of beads in front of you, If you have a clear image of what you want to create, then the variety will not distract you, your mind will be concentrated on one object, therefore you will only string together what you need in order to make the necklace match what you have imagined. If on the other hand you let the variety in front of you take you away from your original idea, yes you will still end up with a necklace, but it might be nothing like what you need or want it to be, all because you were not able to take a step back and contemplate on what you really need. 
In life we are constantly faced with decision making, we might have a lot of choices in front of us, the challenge is to maintain a steady concentration, choosing only the appropriate steps, steps that will lead towards the goal. Vinyasa yoga is the stringing of poses, it is to link, to put together…growing is putting together experiences, stringing them together to make who you are now. 

Each step of the way counts. 

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